Organization / Company Registration

Learn how to navigate the M-Attendance app and register your organization / company with the app. It’s Easy to use, Time efficient, convenient Modes of Check-in and ensures Accuracy of Data collected!

The first registration will be as the Admin then others will have to be added to the app as company members / users. So let’s get started!

Mark Attendance With Wifi

Track employee attendance and real time employee presence with the Wi-Fi Feature of the M-Attendance App. Employees can mark their attendance while they are within the pre-set office Wi-Fi range and admin can track employee location with a few clicks.

Watch this video to learn how to mark your attendance using the Wi-Fi mode in the M-Attendance App.

Add Geo-Fencing/Office Radius

Geofences are virtual boundaries created using the latitude, longitude and radius of a location which can be used for marking attendance for employees. An accurate and effective way to track attendance!

Here’s a walk-through of how to use the M-Attendance App’s Geofencing feature by setting the office radius.

Mark Attendance with Geo-Fencing/Office Redius

While punch-in! The Geofencing feature automatically marks your attendance when you are within the set virtual perimeters of your office / organization.

Here’s a guide for users on how to use Geofencing / office radius to mark your attendance.

Mark Attendance with Selfie

Employees can check-in with their Selfie & GPS location data.

>> Real-Time Selfie & Location Based Attendance

>> Quick & Easy

>> Save Login time

>> Fun Way to Track Attendance

This tutorial will help you understand how to use the Selfie Mode in the M-Attendance App.